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Question: How would you describe the PVHA purpose and obligations pertaining to the CC&Rs and PVHA Bylaws written in the 1920s and the Deed Restrictions written in the late 1930s?


Marlene Breene

Marlene Breene

MARLENE BREENE (incumbent)
”Purpose of PVHA is to protect, preserve, and enhance the quality of life in PVE. Many of those qualities are described in our CC&R’s, and PVHA has the obligation to interpret and enforce what is currently applicable from the 1920 document. Some of those obligations have passed to the city of PVE, so the influence of PVHA has been diminished regarding public areas, parkland, and private property restrictions in setbacks and rights of ways. Although both organizations serve different masters, I am actively seeking common ground on important issues.”
Gayne Brenneman

Gayne Brenneman

”The mission of the PVHA, is to comply with, and enforce the original 1923 CC&R’s, in spirit and their entirety. The original mission, as stated on page 1, is to:
#1: preserve the views of ocean, mountains, and parks,
#2: to increase, over the years, the wonderful natural beauty of the property, through fine planting, and
#3: that every purchaser in Palos Verdes Estates, may be sure, that when building his/her home, that his/her neighbor will have to build an equally attractive type of building, so that he/she will feel secure, that his/her home will NEVER be damaged by an unsightly or undesirable structure, either upon adjoining lots, or any part of Palos Verdes Estates. The residents need to be put first, and we need to be imminently responsive to them.”
W. Richard Fay

W. Richard Fay

DICK FAY (incumbent)
”I think the PVHA has an obligation to protect and defend the Protective Restrictions. In many areas the Bylaws are outdated. “
John Harbison

John Harbison

”I have read the “green book” of founding PVHA documents cover-to-cover several times, and understand that PVHA’s mission is to be an effective steward by:
1) Defending the CC&Rs and underlying Deed restrictions, including maintaining parkland forever for public recreational use as stated in the deeds
2) Providing a streamlined, transparent and fair process for architectural and landscaping approval, including resolution of view disputes over vegetation on privately owned land
3) Exercising fiscal prudence and responsibility

The sad part is that the Board in recent years has failed on all three of these dimensions:
1) CC&Rs: (Actively violated the Deed Restrictions by selling parkland to a private resident who had built extensive encroachments on parkland for over forty years; Failed to be proactive and intercede when those restrictions were being ignored – such as the new ADU ordinance, Paseo Del Sol Turnaround on deed restricted parklands; Wrote an advocacy letter to support closing a section of the Paseo Del Sol Fire Road through parkland and thereby eliminated public use and access of about six acres of parkland
2) Process: Continued an opaque, frustrating and at times unfair process of approving architecture and mediating tree/view disputes and
3) Fiscal: Wasted over $900,000 pursuing an ill-conceived sale of parkland that was ultimately reversed in a decision by the California Superior Court

We need new leadership – people who embrace the core mission and who are responsive to the needs and interests of PVHA’s members.”
L Ried Schott

L Ried Schott

”The purpose of the PVHA is to uphold its CC&R’s and Bylaws as well as the deed restrictions on Parklands. In particular, the main responsibilities of the PVHA include architecture review to help protect our property values, balancing the rights of views and greenery among its members and protecting our Parklands. However, when the City of PVE was established in 1939 it made some of the PVHA Bylaws unnecessary and some of PVE’s municipal codes and zoning restrictions are different than the CC&R’s. Therefore, certain revisions to the Bylaws are needed as mentioned in item 3.”
Charles Tang

Charles Tang

CHARLES TANG (incumbent)
”The PVHA and Art Jury serve to maintain a strategic vision on the evolution of the improvements made in PVE and in the Miraleste area of RPV by preserving and enforcing the protective restrictions and standards described in the CC&Rs, PVHA Bylaws, Resolutions, as well as the deed restrictions established in the city’s early planning and development.”

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