Writing laws is easy, but governing is difficult
— Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace

The Palos Verdes Residents for Responsible Government (PVRRG) was formed to help inform our community on topics of local interest, and provide information on what our elected representatives have said about those issues and how they have voted. 

The values and philosophy that we'd like to see our elected representatives embrace include the following five pillars:

1.    Council and Staff serve the Residents with integrity
2.    Transparency and engagement
3.    Financial responsibility
4.    Retention of City Character
5.    Local Control

Below are the specifics on each of these pillars:

1. Council and Staff serve the Residents with Integrity

  • Council and Staff serve, not rule -- by listening and considering the needs of the Residents.
  • Council and Staff sign code of ethics and are accountable to that code
  • Council and Staff operate with integrity
  •  Council and Staff must be committed to NEVER act above the law
  • Council holds Staff accountable
  • Provide all Council members authority to add items to the agenda, rather than limit input to an agreement between City Manager and Mayor
  • Ensure that practices align to Brown Act
  • Eliminate any action or perception of conflict of interest
  • Commission and Committee members may NOT serve while personal projects are under the review/approval process of a City Commission or Committee.
  • Institute a whistleblower reporting and protection practice for employees, contractors and residents
  • Create a practice of receiving and utilizing resident feedback
  • Assemble and utilize citizen groups that include diverse perspectives

2. Transparency and engagement

  • Make transparency a primary pillar of PVE’s website
  • Enforce record retention & backup, including disaster preparedness
  • Ensure record availability (organized, online, timely record requests)
  • Provide timely information to the community
  • Publish agendas on the website for Council, Commission and Committee meetings one week prior to meetings
  • Allow residents to submit feedback for meetings until one day before the meetings and include this information in the packets for the meetings
  • Publish drafted minutes online within two weeks
  • Compose clear labeling of agenda items
  • Send, retain and receive all records with suppliers via electronic copy
  • Eliminate burdensome costs to residents to access their own public records via electronic files
  • Publish all agreements, grants, contracts, invoices and payments online
  • Conduct an annual procedural audit to ensure all record management practices align to the law

3. Financial responsibility

  • Minimize costs
  • Make ‘best value’ decisions
  • Follow standard accounting practices to only fund invoices that include sign-offs on receipt of services and products
  • Maintain expenditures within the current budget
  • Conduct an internal cyclical initiative to reduce costs; incentivize, recognize and reward Staff for cost savings
  • Utilize an external auditor to annually audit expenses and surface opportunities to save money. 
    Annually conduct a random sampling of paychecks and supplier payments and post on the website
  • Eliminate routine supplier bonuses and City Manager discretionary expenditures over the $25K approval authority

4. Retention of City Character 

  • Retain rural character, including open spaces, no traffic lights, street lights, etc.
  • Balance protection of our urban forests with view preservation; alignment with the CC&Rs

5. Local Control

  • Minimize any action that would reduce or risk local control
  • Manage external special interest and lobbying groups by representing the best interests of the residents and operating with complete transparency
  • Require grants, agreements and contracts are properly vetted and signed off by City Attorney as affirmation that they are lawful and the CC&Rs are not violated or at risk
  • Respond to the interests, voices and rights of residents

If you support these principles, and would like to encourage our elected officials to follow them, please sign this petition (click here) and return it by email to info@pvrrg.org or fax to (310) 349-3381.

Residents who have signed the Petition and endorse the above Principles and Values (but not necessarily all the views on this website):

  • Souzan Ardalan
  • Carolyn Blalock
  • Gayne Brenneman
  • Stephen Calhoun
  • John Harbison*
  • Renata Harbison*
  • Carlos Juelle
  • Ken Jung
  • Patricia Kasschan*
  • George Kay
  • Linda Nespole
  • Jim Nyman
  • Rose Ramsay*
  • Dwight Streit
  • Michael Thiel*
  • Patricia Vancura
  • Ann Whisenhunt
  • Jenene Wilson*

* Steering Committee Member