In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock
— Thomas Jefferson

April 8, 2018 election results

("Yes" won by 130 votes)

Source: PVE Website

Source: PVE Website

March 7, 2017 Election Results

Congratulations to Kenny Kao, Sandy Davidson, and Victoria Lozzi for their election — a clear signal that our PVE residents want to see change:

Election Results 2017-03-17 at 4.43.03 PM.png

The Measure D  (Parcel Tax) fell short of the 2/3 required to pass. For clarity, PVRRG advocates:

  1. A new Parcel tax that will use the growth in property taxes to bring down the parcel tax so that it goes away over some period of time that is less than 12 years. Not another “cliff sunset”, but a gradual and orderly sunset

  2. That we DO NOT advocate any across the board spending cuts in Police and Fire in the coming fiscal year

  3. That the City impose a near term hiring freeze on new positions that are not vetted by City Council

  4. That the City form a Citizens Financial Advisory group to work together with the City to explore options transparently