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— Mark Twain in A Tramp Abroad


Palos Verdes Estates has become a magnet for bikers, due to the wide roads, scenic views of the coastline and ocean, and lack of traffic lights. Use has surged in recent years, sometimes leading to conflicts between bikers and motorists. Three fatalities in Palos Verdes in a single year led to a push by bikers to install signs that say "Bikers May Use Full Lane." The bikers were well-organized and have been coming to City Council Meetings and using their 3 minutes per person to hold up the meetings for hours at a time. The residents expressed concerns over the biker proposals, and the observation that the PVE Police Department was not holding bikers (and motorists) accountable under the motor vehicle laws for running stop signs. The situation was intensified by three biker fatalities in a 12-month period, although 2 of the 3 incidents were clearly biker fault, and the third is still under investigation.

The PVE Traffic & Safety Committee approved some BMUFL signs, but the City Council voted 4-1 against the signs. Instead, the City Council endorsed participation in a Road Safety Master Plan with the other cities on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. 

This issue is ongoing. A group of concerned residents called Palos Verdes Residents for Safe Roads developed a "Guiding Principles Platform" and sent a letter with 27 signatures to PVE City Councilmembers on January 2, 2017.  For the letter, click here.

Chronology of Events:

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Voting Record of Elected Officials:

xxx, 2016 City Council disapproves the addition of six "Bikes Must Use Full Lanes" signs

Voting For: Betty Lin Peterson 

Voting Against:  Jim Goodhart, John Rea, Jim Vandever (Mayor Pro-tem), Jennifer King (Mayor)

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