PVE Financial Issues

It takes two to speak the truth — one to speak, and another to hear
— Henry David Thoreau

Issue 1: PVE’s expenses are greater than its income. Since 2014 expenses have increased
by $4.5 million.


ISSUE 2: PVE’s available funds are being depleted. Since 2010 they have decreased $10.3 million or 36%


ISSUE 3: PVE’s pension debt covering all city employees is growing. It has increased $4.5 million since 2015


Data sources: For the PVE’s FY2017 Audited Financial report (page 9, 22, 23, 27, 102, Appendix G), click here.

For the Budget, click here.

Additional sources and graphs are here.

Petition to PVE City Council

If you would like to urge the Palos Verdes Estates City Council to exercise greater financial discipline, please sign this Petition.

We, the residents of Palos Verdes Estates, strongly urge the City Council to: 

  • Plan for expenses to be less than revenue

  • Restore fund balances to prudent levels (e.g., 2010)

  • Reduce pension debt annually

  • Implement recommendations from the Financial Advisory Committee

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Please help our city by volunteer to gather the signatures of your resident family, friends, and neighbors to sign the petition either online or by paper.  You can click here to download the paper petition and return it by email at info@Pvrrg.orgor fax to (310) 349-3381.

To download a PDF of the graphs above to send to your friends, click here. If you'd like to share the petition with your friends, click here.

Volunteer – Please Help Us to Help our City


To volunteer your help in this petition campaign, please let us know: 

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To gather signatures
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